Abuja Airport closure: Nigerian senate committee meets Stakeholders

With less than twenty-four hours to the temporary closure of Abuja Airport, airline operators in Nigeria say the aviation authorities are not prepared ‎for flight operations to commence at the Kaduna Airport as an alternative. The chairman of the Operators, Nogie Meggison ‎told the Nigerian Senate committee  on aviation when stakeholders in the Aviation Sector appeared before it in Abuja that Internet services for online booking and ticketing including  proper arrangement for the movement of passengers are yet to be fully in place. ‎ Meggison pointed out that the Ministry of Aviation failed to brief Airlines operators on steps taken in the matter and asked the lawmakers t‎o closely monitor the repairs of the Abuja Airport for the six-week closure period in addition to keeping an eye on operations at the Kaduna Airport. ‎ ‎The permanent secretary of the ministry of transport who also appeared before the senators said the issues raised by the airlines operators are being addressed and will be dealt with before the commencement of rescheduled flight operations at Kaduna Airport adding that free road and rail transport will be available for affected air passengers shuttling between Abuja and Kaduna.



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