Nigerians Demand End To South Africa Xenophobic Attacks

Xenophobic Attacks

Dozens of Nigerians have staged an anti-xenophobia protest outside the South African embassy in the capital, Abuja.

Members of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, which organised the demonstration, called on the South African authorities to stop attacks on other African nationals.

The protesters carried placards such as “South Africa we say stop killing our people” and chanted slogans denouncing the attacks.

Earlier this week a top Nigerian government official called on the African Union to intervene but the proposal was reportedly dismissed by a South African official who said the attacks were isolated.

There are about 120 South African companies in Nigeria including telecommunication giant MTN and chain of Supermarket Shoprite.

A protester told the BBC:

We are doing this because of the killings taking place in South Africa, we want to express our displeasure over that and urge them to take measures to address the situation.

We presented a petition in which we want them to call their people to order. We have foreigners here and it will not be good if there is reprisal attacks that will not make world a peaceful place to live.”

The South African ambassador to Nigeria, Lulu Louis Mnguni, received the petition and told the protesters his government was going to deal with the situation.

He said that the attacks were unfortunate and unwarranted despite “the frustration and anger should that people might be feeling”.

Mr Mnguni added that the attacks were not unique to South Africa and blamed underdevelopment, poverty and unemployment on the continent.



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