Blair to challenge UK’s commitment to Brexit

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he is set to challenge the government on its commitment to leave the European Union, in a speech at an Open Britain event in central London,  on Friday.

According to excerpts of the speech released to local media, the former Labour leader, Blair will argue against “Brexit at any cost.’’

Blair campaigned for the Remain camp in the lead-up to the referendum in June, which showed a majority of the British public in favour of leaving the EU.

According to the speech, he is set to argue however that the people voted without knowing “the true terms of Brexit.”

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has steered a course towards a so-called “hard Brexit,” meaning a withdrawal from the single market.

May has argued that it is necessary to ensure that the government can control immigration to the country.

Earlier this month, British lawmakers approved May’s plan to trigger formal talks on Britain leaving the EU.


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