Al-Makura Satisfied With On-going Lafia Airport, Road Projects

The governor made it known while speaking to the journalists during an inspection tour, which he deemed necessary to beat the specified time, as he had earlier promised.

The Governor explained that the construction is now at Kwandare box culvert which was constructed around a running stream that would have to accommodate a very large volume during the raining season.

He stated that the contractors are concerned with completing the 3km road before the rains come pouring down.

He further explained that the airport site has been cleared, while the 8km perimeter road around the airport is also under way.

The governor stated that the airport road is very vital at this stage, as it would be the major access road to the airport for all kinds of vehicles.

Unable to hide his happiness with the standard of the work being done, the Governor made it known that by the end of the month the work would progress to the alignment of the Lafia Kwandare – Keffi road.

Reacting, representatives of the Project Contractor Mr. George says that they hope to finish the road to the airport before the rains, so that with the rains they could begin work on the runways, he concluded.



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