Governor Al-Makura Calls For Peace And Sanity In Nasarawa State


He made the call during the first Executive Council Meeting of the year in Lafia, the state’s capital.

“There appears to be a tremendous amount of sanity, peace within the state, I urge all of us in the council and other stakeholders outside to give their support towards creating an amicable atmosphere between communities.”

He also disclosed the distribution of relief materials to affected communities of communal clashes which he said will commence soon.

“We are planing to also make certain support with regards to rehabilitation of areas that were affected during the communal clashes in the past two years.

“We have started procuring some food items to reduce the hardship of people whose farms were destroyed and could not preserve some of their harvest, we would soon invite such communities to the Government House to get some of this relief materials”, he said.

“In our quest to add value to governance, we have awarded contracts over 700 million for the construction of culverts and bridges across the entire state.”

He assured that work will kick start in earnest to meet up deadline of completion before the rain sets in.

“Work will commence this week, all contractors are given 45 days to ensure that this culverts and small bridges are completed.

“Some of the bridges are quite big and will take more than the timeline, such have been identified and time will be given to them to make progress.

“As far as we are concerned more than 80 per cent of the culverts and bridges around the state will be completed before the onset of the rains”, he said.


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