Resistance To Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Mounts

President Donald Trump enters the second week of his presidency facing a growing political backlash with protesters in the streets, lawsuits mounting and his own party fracturing over his executive order banning travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations. The resistance is offering an early and immediate preview of the dynamics of the Trump presidency: It tests the opposition’s strength and durability, the White House’s crisis management capabilities and Capitol Hill Republicans’ willingness to stomach the controversy that accompanies Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promises. Meanwhile, stories of students, public figures and even a military translator who are suddenly unclear on whether they can enter the United States are setting social media ablaze. It all comes as the nascent Trump administration enters a critical period, with Trump still seeking Senate confirmation for most of his Cabinet nominees. The White House is scrambling to tamp down the controversy, with Trump addressing it in a statement and taking a warning shot at critical Republicans. And his administration is considering moving up the announcement of his first Supreme Court appointment from Thursday to possibly Tuesday, potentially in an effort to change the subject.


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